Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Paramotor- Vivek's mods

I am a fairly new paramotor pilot. And I know I am not the most athletic or aware person to do that. Knowing that I can make mistakes (and I have), I am working on safety and usabiity measures to mitigate any mishaps. 

This will be a running log of all the things I discover and modify to make my paramotor safer and easier to fly. This is not a list of things to improve performance by any means. I also know that purists will balk at some of these measures.  But my goal is to make the machine as forgiving as possible and allow people like me to take up the sport safely.

1. Mitigating loss of engine cut-off cable

2. Mitigating loss of Throttle cable

3. Mitigating against Brake toggle loss 

4. Tangled lines and clipping in

5. Butt landing

7. Throttle cable disengaged

The power surfing project

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