Monday, September 25, 2023

Paramotor - Powered paragliding

Flying in the air like a bird has fascinated mankind forever. I saw this movie some 30 years ago and the idea of having an aircraft in my car that I could just take off with was the greatest thing I could think of. But  at the time I was in a rural Indian town and I was pretty convinced I will never have the athleticism, resources, or opportunity to achieve something like that. borrowing a rusty old bicycle to go to the town was a luxury back then.

Fast forward to 30 years later, I have the resources, the physical ability was still suspect (having to run with 50+ lbs of gear on my back was still intimidating) but I still had the dream. So I took a 2 week course, learnt flying, and finally procured my own gear. Now I can walk into any open area and just take off within a few hundred feet.

To me, powered paragliding (PPG) to flying a plane is like riding a bike to driving a car. in PPG, you are not sitting in a cage, are in touch with the elements, and can go to places where a large plan can't go. Slow and low is the motto.

I still cant believe I have flown all by myself, and can do it anytime.

None of this was easy though. The training was hard. I landed on my butt, knees, bruised them enough, and crashed on a failed take off in a corn field. But I learned my lesson from each of those. 

Here is a video of mine from training. I was focused on training and had no time for recording more videos.

Here are a few videos of my paramotor breaking in.

And the first flight I took by myself, without any assistance or instructions. just went to the abandoned airport I trained at, and took off.

Finally, my aircraft with my aircraft carrier

A few more clips, landing, fly-by etc

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