Friday, February 25, 2022

The Why


Problems with a traditional tractor/mower:

  • Noise and gas pollution: After mowing the operator smells like gas and would have her ears ringing.
  • Fatigue from mowing: The continuous steering and rubbernecking to monitor the work takes a toll on operator's body.
  • Vibrations and bumps: The bumpy ride causes numbness in joints and muscles.
  • Environmental factors : The operator would have to endure cold or heat out in the yard while mowing.

Problems with commercially available Robotic solutions:

  • Risk of theft.
  • Risk of accidents/mower getting stuck in large or uneven yards.
  • No control over mowing patterns.
  • No feedback or supervision in real time.
  • Expensive investment for a small machinery with a delicate blade. Cannot utilize one's existing mower. 
  • Don't work for anything else. Mulching, aerating, rolling, moving stuff etc.
  • Elaborate set-up process required for marking the boundaries, digging trenches.
  • Cannot set up multiple zones to use it in succession for different portions of the yard.

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