Thursday, February 24, 2022

The What again


And thus, the idea for Mobimower was born. A robotic solution that attaches to any existing zero turn mower, and provides all the automation a robotic mower provides, and much more.

  • Works on any zero turn mower with two controlling arms.
  • Provides supervision and real time feedback on the arm position and the mower position (Via cloud, internet connection required by connecting a mobile phone/hotspot to the mower box).

  • Provides visual feedback using cameras allowing the operator to sit in comfort and/or shade.
  • Provides GPS capabilities to allow the mower run on its own on a predefined path.
  • Comes with a failsafe kill switch. In case of a failure (disconnection, system failure, intentional stop) the mower stops in its tracks (needs to be wired to the seat safety switch).
  • Has ultrasonic sensors and AI based cameras to monitor obstacles (animals, kids, debris etc) to avoid them.

The power surfing project

  01-Apr-2023: Sometime ago I had posted a video of a 400w trolling motor on my paddle board. It's a good option for a leisurely stroll ...