Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Probiotic yogurt


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Most store-bought yogurt is preserved, which means the bacteria have been inactivated (dead). Probiotic/Greek yogurt sold in stores has the lactobacillus family of bacteria available, but I prefer to make my own. The bacteria present in yogurt is considered a pass-thru and NOT a part of the gut biome but is considered beneficial to the growth and maintenance of gut microbiome. I have been making it this way for about 5 years now.

 A short tutorial below for those who want to learn how to make store quality yogurt consistently. A couple points.

    • Store bought yogurt cannot be used to start the culture unless it is specifically sold as “live” yogurt. Save 2 spoonful from the previous batch to add to the next batch every time you need to make yogurt. 

    • Boil the milk.
    • Wait for about 30 mins for it to cool down (less if you have a smaller batch), then transfer it to an insulated container. (Hot milk can crack glass)
    • Let it cool down to 115-125F (optimum temperature for Lactobacillus bacteria growth). Use a lid to prevent creaming at top. Use a food grade thermometer to take the temperature.

    • Add the culture, mix well, and keep it in an insulated container to keep it warm. 

    • Wait for 6-8 hrs. and the bacteria would have fermented the sugars into acid and broken down the proteins. The lactose level is so low that most lactose intolerant individuals can also have it.

In addition to providing probiotic benefits, yogurt also binds to capsaicin in hot peppers and neutralizes any hot/spicy food, providing immediate relief.


Last year (2022) I made a yogurt-based dish (Raitha) for Diwali party at work. I plan to make it again this year (Nov-2023). I will also have plain yogurt for anyone who wants to take home for culture.

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