Friday, February 18, 2022

E-bike conversion

This weekend I converted an old bicycle to an electric bike. If you discount the research and prep time (removing old wheel and brake/gear levers) it took about 2hrs for actual implementation. 

Initially I was planning to use my newer aluminum frame bike but older steel frames are much better for ebike conversion. They are heavy, inefficient and over engineered for biking, but much better suited for the high torque exerted by the motor.

Also, this idea started as putting a motor in the hub, but once I found out the kits are sold as an entire wheel, I decided to save time and just buy the entire kit. I don't fancy mounting rims and balancing spokes. 

Here is the process documented in videos.

1. Introduction and theory.
  A. Don't use the front wheel adapters no matter how tempting that is.
  B. Always use torque arms. Adapt it for your bike frame.

2. Inventory

3. Mounting the tire

4. Mounting the wheel on the bike

5. Torque arms

6. Control levers and electrical connections

7. Test run

8. First crash

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