Tuesday, February 1, 2022

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This is the conclusion of the series. I have already discussed the actions taken in previous blogs, this is an explanation of how they affect neurological health and specific symptoms experienced at various points. The actions taken are in red. the reasons are in green.

   1. Peripheral pain/neuropathy - Nerve pinch - from disc degeneration/poor sleeping posture.  

    When you have an unexplained pain, in addition to an underlying cause, it can also be caused by a misdirected action from the nerves on the pain receptors. Some details below.

Actions - stretch, add lumbar support.

    2. Headache/tiredness/lack of focus - Multiple reasons.

    3. Poor sleep - Poor sleeping conditions/posture

    1. Sleep on firm bed. I realized a soft bed not only hurts the spine, but it also affects the sleep and daytime mood/energy. After trying multiple options, sleeping on a floor with a thin futon mattress has been the best so far. It initially hearts the muscles and bones but saves the joints and the nerves.
    2. Sleep with back as straight as possible- Use neutral posture, face up or on the side with straight spine.
    4. Lightheadedness. sudden loss of power in limbs, panic, extreme sensitivity to temperature- Vitamin deficiency/ nerve pinch/racing heartbeat (correlation accidentally discovered with smartwatch).
    1. Multivitamins.
    2. Stretches.
    3. Avoid bending down when working in garage. use a chair/stool to sit down instead.
    4. Avoid strenuous heavy lifting. Use legs for lifting, not back.

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