Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Who


Vivek is a science and technology enthusiast and likes to solve everyday problems using the tools available.

Mobimower described above was designed over the winter of 2021 to add automation to lawn mowing. While the initial intent was to record the entire process of developing this product, it went through too many iterations to document the process. If every single path that was taken was documented, the entire point of the blog would be lost. 

So in the interest of brevity and clarity, the final working product and the components it's comprised of will be published. Short Vlogs of the individual technical items will be posted in course of time

Feel free to contact the author on Linkedin below if you have specific questions.


The power surfing project

  01-Apr-2023: Sometime ago I had posted a video of a 400w trolling motor on my paddle board. It's a good option for a leisurely stroll ...